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Armenia Tourist Attractions. Best Tour Packages from UAE to Armenia

716 days ago
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Armenia is one of the most fascinating but unnoticed countries. It might be landlocked but there are so many beautiful Armenia tourist attractions that when you visit Armenia, you will be amazed. Armenia is a mountainous country with the lesser Caucasus Mountains almost completely surrounding it. Compact and easy to tour around, yet curiously under-visited, Armenia is one of the region’s hidden gems. Look for the best Armenia Tour packages, pack your bag and get ready to be captivated by the charming beauty of Armenia.

It is a perfect place to visit if you're looking for a budget vacation. Armenia is one of Europe's least-visited countries and regarded as an interesting destination for the most wanderlust nomads. Because of this, Armenia is a relatively affordable tourist destination and not much crowded with tourists. You won't need the fortune to stay in Armenia; there are many cheap options for accommodation, transport is inexpensive, food is delicious and easy on the wallet. There are hundreds of places to visit in this budget-friendly country. Once you've seen Armenia, you simply desire to visit it again.

WorldTripDeal Recommends Best Armenia Tour Packages

The collection of beautiful attractions of Armenia in Armenia Tour Packages showcases the best of the region. All WorldTripDeal's Armenia tour packages have been carefully put together that include the highlights of each region and minimize the hassle of having to plan things for yourself. All of the specifics, including tickets, accommodations, and transfers, are taken care of, so all you have to do now is book Armenia Tour Package, relax and enjoy your vacation. The Armenia tour packages give you a taste of the country's many attractions, including lakes, mountains, and gorges, as well as UNESCO-listed monasteries and vibrant city life.

Whether you are looking for inexpensive last-minute Armenia Tour packages for an Armenia family holiday, an Armenia honeymoon package for couples or wishing to plan an adventure holiday in Armenia, these tours offer a variety of preferences and budgets. You can see the best of Armenia's top sights while enjoying the budget-friendly deals offered by WorldTripDeal that help you save on your travel allowance.

To help you plan your Break in Armenia, WorldTripDeal has designed some tailor-made Armenia tour and holiday packages considering your budget and choices. Check out the most popular Armenia itineraries at and book now for huge savings.

Break in Armenia: Travel Guidelines in Armenia
Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you when picking the right Armenia Tour packages for you.

Visit Visa in Armenia
Depending on the purpose of the tour, an Armenia E-Visa allows applicants to stay for up to 120 days or 21 days. Applicants must have a passport that should be valid for at least six months beyond the date of their return journey. Applicants may apply for an Armenia visa online with properly scanned copies of their documents from the comfort of their homes. E-visas will be accepted and issued online within two business days after completion and verification.

Best Time To Visit
Armenia is simply breathtaking at any time of year, and the climate is usually good throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Armenia depends on your desire and activities. The autumn season, which lasts from September to early October, is the best time to visit Armenia because it is not too hot or too cold, and the weather is pleasant.

Adventures in Armenia
If you are an adventure freak, then Armenia is the destination where you can enjoy a wide range of adventures activities throughout the year. In Armenia, you can participate in some of the most thrilling adventure experiences available, like Horseback riding, Zorbing, Off-road Tours, Rock Climbing, Paragliding and Paintball. 

The Tavush region and Vardenis and Geghama Mountains are the best places for horseback riding. Have a Hot Air Ballooning tour and Fly over some of the gorgeous landscapes above the ground. Go rafting in the Debed River in the Lori region. Mountain Hatis and Gutan are the most popular spots for paragliding, whereas Dzor and Syunik are best suited for Mountain Biking. Try Ski or Snowboarding at Tsaghkadzor or at other Snowboarding destinations in Armenia like Jermuk, Tsaghkunyats mountain range, Mount Ara, Mount Aragats, etc.

Book your Armenia Tour packages and explore some of Armenia's most beautiful landscapes.


Book your Armenia holiday package and get impressed with iconic sights, taste Armenian delights, go shopping and get lost in the attractive streets of the charming towns. 

Yerevan City

The capital of Armenia, the world's oldest Christian republic, is Yerevan. It has loads of charismatic avenues lined with parks, cafés, sophisticated squares, and spectacular 19th-century structures. Because of the colour of the stone used in the building, the capital city is known as "The Pink City." The Armenian Genocide Museum in Yerevan is a fascinating journey through history, from pre-genocide times to emotional interviews, films, and eyewitness stories of the genocide survivors' agony. A trip to Yerevan is a must if you want to immerse yourself in the city's history and culture.

Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan, Armenia's blue-eyed beauty, is regarded as the country's jewel. It is amongst the most beautiful Armenia Attractions. Lake Sevan is Armenia's largest lake and one of the world's largest alpine lakes; it is so big that some locals refer to it as the sea. Lake Sevan provides a diverse range of activities, from sightseeing at 9th-century monasteries to relaxing on its beaches. Sevan is the place to go if you're in Armenia and want to take a short relaxing day trip.

Geghard Monastery

The ancient Geghard Monastery, partially carved out of a rock, is a masterpiece of 13th-century Armenian architecture. A mystical spring inside a cave is located at the monastery. The Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is set in a landscape of perplexing natural beauty, bordered by soaring cliffs at the Azat Valley's entrance. It involves a number of churches and tombs that reflect Armenian mediaeval architecture at its pinnacle. It has been an important pilgrimage destination for Armenian Christians over centuries and included in most of the Armenia Tour packages.

Dilijan National Park

The Dilijan National Park is known for its beautiful surroundings and is one of Armenia's most special and incredible wildlife sites. The Park is noted for its lush greenery, beautiful landscapes, diverse biodiversity, unique fauna, therapeutic water springs, and cultural and historical monuments. Locals refer to Dilijan National Park as "the Armenian Switzerland" because of the heavily forested valleys and awe-inspiring mountains with alpine meadows. It has a number of hiking trails to suit everyone's interests.

Tatev Monastery

This Monastery complex, located in the village of Tatev, is Armenia's oldest and most important monument. The monastic structure is located on the edge of the Vorotan River's deep gorge. The Tatev ensemble blends in seamlessly with the surrounding mountainous landscape. The building's architectural and creative framework is a colossal church that stands above the surrounding structures and can be seen from a distance. Tatev is undoubtedly one of must-see Armenia's attractions. If you want to make your journey even more exciting, take the cable car ride for a 20-minute through the deep gorge and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Garni Temple

The Temple of Garni is Armenia's one and only standing pagan temple, located on the edge of a gorge overlooking the Azat River. The Garni temple is established in the classic Greek architectural style, and it resembles the famous Temple of Athena in appearance. To witness and appreciate the temple's unique combination of Greco-Roman and Armenian styles, visiting the Garni temple should be one of the top places in your Armenia Tour packages for your memorable Armenia vacation.

Republic Square

Republic Square in Yerevan, Armenia, is a large central town square and a popular tourist attraction. One of the best examples of Soviet-era architecture is the huge, circular square. The intricate, elegant design of the square draws everyone's attention. This is where national events, celebrations, and feasts take place, including the annual military parade on Armenia's Independence Day. Republic Square in Yerevan is a must-see attraction.

With included flights, accommodation and activities, WorldTripDeal’s Armenia tour packages give you the liberty to explore the cities the way you want to.

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