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First time in Asia: Where to Go and What You Need to Know

728 days ago
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Asia is an excellent place with a rich culture, the tastiest food, and beautiful heritage sites. Pretty much anywhere in Asia is fun to visit; some destinations can be more difficult and exhausting. Asia's sights, scents, and sounds are unfamiliar to first-time tourists from around the places, but even after several experiences, they are still intact.

You don't need a tour, of course. This is one part of the world where almost everyone you encounter speaks English, and a support system has been built and improved over decades for independent travelers—wondering where you should go for your first trip to Asia. With WorldTripDeal, look out and bookmark the list of top destinations in Asia.

Bali, Indonesia
Besides being the most popular holiday destination on the island, Bali is the most popular of the 16,000 named islands in Indonesia. This is the home to an ancient culture that is known for its warm hospitality, exotic temples, and palaces in an astonishing natural environment.
Learn how to surf in Kuta and Seminyak and catch powerful waves of the Bukit Peninsula if you are surfing for many years. Dive into Eden underwater, the best snorkeling and scuba diving places in Bali 

What to do in Bali
Your trip to the island can be filled with culture, nature, art, spirituality, or even better when it comes to things to do in Bali. The attractions not only include the buildings but also have various historical sites. Enjoy Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Seminyak's beautiful beaches. Explore Ubud's art galleries and shops if you are a creative person. There is a direct road to the emerald rice terraces in the hills by vehicle or bike. Discover lush forests covered in tapering mountain ranges

What should you try in Bali?
The island is an international meeting place for all tastes with a wide variety of dining choices and price range appropriate for all budgets. The place serves a variety of sauces made with the hot dishes from the smoking grill or with a wok. Babi guling, a roast piglet, is the most enjoyed Balinese dish, and Gado-Gado is enjoyed by vegetarians.

Is a visa required for the trip?
There are two choices if you wish to stay longer:
1) obtain a visa at $ 35, which is effective for 30 days upon the arrival.
2)and obtain a visa beforehand at the Indonesian Consulate that is valid up to 60 days and gets extended to six months annually.

What can you do in Bali?
Beachwear, batik, and branded products are all available in Bali from all over Asia and the world. The best place to start is to explore Kuta and Seminyak shopping streets.

Where to stay in Bali: 
From renting basic guest houses for $15 to all- 5star hotels, Bali has accommodation of all levels. You can rent a house or a villa with a family or business. The place presents you with a lot of online bookings and deals, but on the spot, they're less costly.

The city will not disappoint your trip to Singapore is for company, leisure, or a romantic getaway. Traveling to Singapore, while still having all facilities like public transportation, cleanliness, security, and more, is just like traveling to Asia. 
Singapore is a blend of cultures. In contrast to other capitals in Asia, Singapore is secure, clean, and simple – and is maintained well. It is one of the most industrialized countries in Asia today. Singapore is perfect for traveling for the first time, especially for people with family members who love traveling.
Singapore Changi Airport is regarded as one of the best and efficient airports in the world. Every year, it wins top awards. With outstanding public transport and a low Crime, rate is low, Singapore is really worth going to. The most worrisome thing in Singapore is the absurdly high rates and taxes; food is an exception - inexpensive and delicious.

How to get there: 
Changi International Airport is the main gateway to Singapore, which is easily accessible from nearly every corner of the globe, in particular from major cities in Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, and Australia.

Getting around Singapore?
The quickest and easiest way to get around is Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). The railway is very wide, and most of the city's major attractions can be reached by walking.
For your ride, you can also have buses and taxis.

Best time to go to Singapore?
Especially during the Chinese New Year, it's recommended to visit from November to June. All year long, the climate remains hot and humid.

Do I need a Singapore visa:
Singapore air ticket confirmation and a visa to a third country are required. A regular 90 days tourist visa is issued, which allows you to stay in the country for 30 days for each entry. Visas to Singapore for 30 Singapore dollars can be purchased online at approved visa centers.

What to Eat
The cultural identity of Singapore is Asian.
Try checking for Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, the fish bee hoon soup in the Cantonese form of Jin Hua, and the oyster cakes of Maxwell Fuzhou. Chicken rice is one of the signature dishes of this region.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Around Chiang Mai, there is so much to see and do that first-time visitors can find it a little daunting. The ideal combination of familiarity and new cultural experiences in Chiang Mai.
Although it has traffic and pollution problems of its own, within the moat, many travelers enjoy the walkable size and sights of the Old Town. 
If you're keen to learn about a scooter, the city is definitely more drivable. Prices in Chiang Mai are also marginally higher than you'll find in Bangkok or the Thai Islands. Weekend markets keep both visitors and locals happy. The days for walking, nibbling, people watching, and grabbing cheap, locally made souvenirs are Saturday and Sunday.

How to be able to get around
Chiang Mai is located in the north-western part of Thailand and is easily reached by plane, train or bus. There is a brief 1-hour flight from Bangkok to get there by plane.

The need for a visa
You do not need a Thai visa to remain in Thailand for up to 30 days. You can get a 60-day visa for $40 for another month.

Best time to go
Chiang Mai in November-February has the best weather. From November to the end of April, the sky is gloomy, and the sea gets overwhelmed, and the waves are fantastic.
Dishes the place has to offer

Goa, India
If you love to travel and beaches, then this place is for you. Full of Goan heritage culture and barrier-less communication.
Goa isn't for everyone, but once you truly fell in love with it, it's forever. This Indian state has a rich heritage, infused with all manner of imagination, harmony, and utter independence. In Goa, you become part of a big community and a lot of thundering activities. Not only swimmers and beach lovers go to Goa but also those who love yoga and meditation. You can hear a lot of stories about Goa's meditation centers and yoga training. Goa has some Russian influences, too, in lots of guesthouses and meditation centers. For festivals, music, beach dance, dating, and leisure, choose the northern part of the state.

How to travel there:
It is indeed easy to borrow a scooter and ride for fun in Goa. You will find lots of cars and a scooter rental company. If you're not driving or scared of Indian traffic, then get taxis, rickshaws and buses are at your disposal. 

When to head out:
The best weather in Goa is from November to March. It is dry and sunny. Perfect weather for beaches also at the time of November to March thermometer readings is in control.   There could be waves and rains in October, but not as heavy as in summer. It's getting hot and wet in April and May.

What to Eat?
You can have a taste of varieties of kinds of seafood and fishes out there. But you must risk ordering a butter naan cake and palak paneer. It is unrealistically delicious and full of flavors. For a tasty treat, check out Bebinku-this layered dessert with coconut milk that has been embedded in Goa since the Portuguese days.

Do I need a visa to travel to Goa:
Yes, you require a visa and ticket to travel to the Third country. So, for Goa. You can apply for online visa booking and traveling through any traveling agency, or you can book your visa online through government portals.

First-time travelers who wander to Asia would just love Nepal. There are places in the world where, not only in the plains or landscapes but in the Himalayas, you can go trekking comfortably. You'll go all the way along a decent trail or dirt road when trekking in Nepal.
In the heart of the Himalayas, this fascinating nation has the world's highest mountains!  Enjoy seeing and your walk through the Himalayan foothills with the numerous ethnic cultures, customs, and festivities.

Where to stay
There are guesthouses where visitors sleep and dine in the villages along the way. The rooms are, however, small, but they have beds, blankets, and delicious food.

How to get there: 
You can simply hire any of the local minivan or tourist bus, to travel to the beginning of the trek of Kathmandu.

What to try in Nepal: 
Dalat - the Nepalese national rice dish. Can feed a starving elephant in quantities. Try an apple pastry or pie for dessert.

When is the best time to visit Nepal?
Squeezed between the north of Tibet and the south of India. During the spring and autumn seasons, the best time to visit is Nepal for trekking is in March-April and October-November.

Do I need a visa
A visa is hardly required in advance for entering Nepal, and it is attached to the passenger's passport at the time of entrance. The cost of visas is as follows:15-day visa — 25 dollars, 30 days — 40 dollars, 90 days — 100 dollars. Keeping aside the visa, you must also have permission to enter the National Park for 3000 Nepalese rupees for trekking in the Annapurna zone.

Lhasa, China
Why go:
Lhasa is world-famous for its places of historical significance linked to Buddhism, such as the Palace of Potala, the Temple of Jokhang, the Monastery of Drepung, the Monastery of Sera, and more. The Tibetan ethnocultural group has a long history and rich culture in this region.
Lhasa, meaning "Holy Land" or "Place of Buddha" in the Tibetan language, has been the cultural, commercial, political, and religious center of Tibet since ancient times. Tibet was a democratic dictatorship, and Potala Palace was the emblem of the theocratic rule many centuries earlier.
However, with the democratic liberation of Tibet, Lhasa entered into a new era. If you want peace or want to explore Buddhist culture, Lhasa is the best choice. You can have a sunbathe, explore temples, and many more.

When is the best time to visit:
The best time to visit Lhasa is between August and October. The atmosphere during this time is hot and mild, relatively to the dry and windy weather in spring and winter.   Although it's a rainy season during the summer, the trip won't be affected as it's going to dry up the next day.
If you happen to visit Lhasa during the August Shoton Festival, you will see not only the display of the Tibetan Opera but also the show of the precious Thangka in the Drepung Monastery.

What to eat?
Lhasa features some of the finest food in Tibet relative to the rest of Tibet. Food can be categorized into Tibetan food, Sichuan cuisine, and western cuisine. Nepalese and Indian cuisine is also available in several restaurants. The taste of Tibetan food is pleasant and less oily. No spicy spices are added to the food besides garlic and green onions. Lhasa has several food streets where you can sample authentic Tibetan food, where tourists can try local Tibetan dishes such as Yak beef, buttered tea, Tsampa, etc. Deji Road, which contains lots of restaurants, is the most fine-dining spot among residents. Western-style restaurants can be found on Beijing Road and Barkhor Lane.

How can you go there?
You can directly fly through Lhasa by plane. But if you are feeling adventurous, you can go by train from Beijing, Xining or Chengdu. You can also rent a car from Kathmandu and travel up to the hill. There you can rent a car with a guide, or you can have taxies. 

Do you require a visa?
To travel to Lhasa, you need to have a proper visa and tickets to travel. You can book them through any online travel agency or can apply for a visa through online government portals.

First time in Asia: what is useful to know
There's plenty for every visitor there, packed with beautiful beaches, ancient temples, lush green jungles, and bustling towns. But when visiting a region so different from your own, particularly for the first time, staying safe and secure is something to consider. At temples, take off your shoes and dress accordingly.
At any temples that you visit across Asia, be polite. That means it is a must to take your shoes off. You will also find that most temples will ask you to cover both your knees and shoulders. Several times a day, the floors are cleaned and swept, and it's a mark of respect and care to take off your shoes before entering in front of the temples or any holy places.

Bargaining in local markets
The locals usually bid inflated rates and expect negotiations on the contract, so you need to negotiate properly for the items you are looking for. However, such kinds of terms do not extend to products sold in malls with price tags.

Grab your vaccines
At least 3-5 months before you travel, visit your nearest doctors' clinic or health center. It takes some time to order a vaccine and is required to be taken over a period of three months. Researching and noting down any of the local alerts for the places you will visit is also important just in case you get sick.

Know visa requirements
You will have to know how much your visa is going to cost you on your trip to Asia and which currency to pay. Most countries require you to stay on your passport for a minimum of 6 months. 

Make sure you don't have a rainy time on your holidays.
The climate easily fluctuates from extremely hot to humid in Asia. Because of their altitude, Northern India and Nepal can get pretty cold in winter.

Take a small backpack for the trip.
For your days of exploring a new place, a light bag is great. Taking a backpack if you intend to take a lot of buses and trains in Asia is a good idea.

Enjoy street food
Don't get too worried about the food that makes you sick. It hardly ever happens and probably gets right with time. Be sure to try the tasty street food till you are on a short break on your vacations.

Waiting for a bus or train seat
In the public transport area, you often have to stand or be forced to stand close to your passengers. If you really want a seat, get on the bus where it starts, such as the bus station, rather than waiting for it on the streets.

Bottom Line
When choosing the best country to visit, it's also important to consider whether you want to explore towns, relax at the beaches, view the outside, or engage in culture. The thought of exploring this incredibly diverse environment may easily overwhelm travelers for their first time. Asia is the best place to visit and relies on a traveler's personal interest.

Fortunately, there are many destinations ideal for those who want to make their trip a memorable thing to remember. Learn more about such destinations and enjoy the beauty of such places with WorldTripDeal.

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