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28 brilliant Travel life hacks

917 days ago
News image

Travel is a therapy binding countless emotions within a shell. It broadens the mind and fills your life with tales to tell. Nature sings for those who desire to listen to it.
So, rise and shine with the essence of the natural earth by considering these 28 brilliant travel life hacks by WorldTripDeal into account.

Carrying cups is no more a requisite 

Isn't it frantic to carry cups while travelling? The comfortable and smart approach to deal with the dilemma is to wrap the plastic bottle's basement with sell tape to shape it up in the form of a small cup. Then carry it with you in a folded manner in your pockets and pour and drink where you wish to.

Could a T-shirt become a carry bag?

Are you strained with packing clothes? Save space by tying the lower portion of the T-shirt with a band and passing a rope through the armholes to make it a bag.

Own hygiene in your own hands

Often we get tensed about unhygienic treatments in hotels while staying. Did you know you can have your hand washed even travelling with less space-consuming in your luggage? Fill the small balloons with hand wash, tie them with a band, and tighten it with a toothpaste cap. Here you go!! Your hand wash is ready.

Use the cloud to save your data.

Scan your essential document such as your passport, ID  card etc. and upload them on drive G-Drive to get yourself checked in security even if it is missing.

Use G-Map even if you are offline.

Type 'Ok Maps' and the current location sets on your phone, and the device saves it for later and gets accessed with every coordinate you travel even offline.

Make the hoodie into a pillow.

We face issues while sleeping in the waiting room. Get your hoodie and fold it nicely to make a cosy pillow and sleep well.

Belt and shirt in one place

Fold the waist belt in a spiral manner and place it on the T-shirt's collar region to save space and avoid mess.

Inform the Credit/Debit cards company

If you are flying, inform the Credit/Debit card company that you are sanctioned for a vacation purchase.

A portable charger is a must.

Don't forget to carry a portable charger while travelling and save your cell phone from getting drained.

Search for plugin Hotels

In case you fail to carry a charger, don't panic, be a perfect makeshift by finding the wall plug-in hotel T.V. for charging.

Sleep gently over the seat belt

Find a circular sponge in your vicinity, cut it latitudinally to paste it over the seat belt and sleep well if not driving.

Carry some rice with you

If somehow your electronic devices get into the water don't ever try to switch them on. Immediately take off the battery and place it under some rice such that it soaks water and the mortar gets dried.

Save your phone from the water.

When on beaches on vacation, always carry a basket to save your phone from water.

No more to tense on the baby’s luggage

It's always blissful to be with a baby. Carry your baby's luggage with yours by fitting up his mini stuff in your package and getting space for other items.

Debate: The Traveling Companion

Gratify your vacation with the wisdom of literature as the Ebate app helps you to read novels online.

Compression socks for swelling

Use compression shocks as their compressing and rebounding mechanism helps to get rid of swelling in the trip.

Four Square: The Wifi-Treasure

This online app fascinates tourists by reviewing hotels, restaurants and cafes according to people's ratings and sharing Wi-Fi passwords.

Google Translate: Wherever You Feel The Culture

If you don't speak and understand another language, it sours your taste and makes you go down the dumps. Here's an alternate way to use Google Translate, go to "Settings" and choose "offline Translation", then get access to different languages.

Better late than Never

If somehow your phone gets out of order, always keep a pen and a piece of paper to avoid shambling.

Smiley Baby rejoices in the delightful journey.

If you are on a summer trip, apply baby powder to the feet to deodorize and freshen up the room.

Carry-on travel bottle set

Carry Empty bottles and you are on the trip to save water expenditure and fill as per the requirement.
Please keep away from wet toilet paper by storing it in a plastic bottle.

Don't carry big toothpaste

Place small drops of paste on a piece of paper and sprinkle soda over it. Then, pack the mint in a bottle. One mint is sufficient for a one-day brush.

Want a Party like a boss

It's unfeasible to carry speakers. Don't worry, cut a plastic cup and place it over the device speaker to generate a louder sound and relish every moment of music.

Scrutinize these simple travel life hacks and choose the best travel package from WorldTripDeal such that wherever you go fall in love with the journey and travel till the cows come home.

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